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F. Miguel Marques Moreno (ENSICAEN)

A nebula on the far side of the dripline

vendredi 14 mars, 11h - CSNSM Salle de réunion Bât 108

The Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory (RIBF) at RIKEN, Tokyo, has become the world’s most powerful machine for the production of exotic nuclei. At intermediate masses, it is pushing the frontier of existence towards areas until now inaccessible, and below Fluorine it is leading us even beyond. After a brief description of the facility, we will see the very preliminary results of the first SAMURAI+NEBULA campaign, in which we have created systems as exotic as Boron 20 and Oxygen 26, and conclude with our plans to extend the neutron detector NEBULA for the measurement of Oxygen 28 in the horizon 2015.

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